Criminal and prison law
Component: Criminal and prison law
In this component there is also a great concern for the less protected and less privileged groups(minors in prison, alternatives to imprisonment, reintegration of former prisoners, etc., represent some of the major concerns of this project).

Transposition is an important stage in a process of reform aiming at covering the need for prison staff training, development of training and activities in prisons and support for vulnerable categories of prisoners like minors. At the same time, the project will take account of the need for alignment on international conventions in the light of the requirements of international judicial cooperation concerning the fight against terrorism and other forms of transnational organised crime.

The project's priorities will also include: (1) the identification of initiatives to promote the use of alternatives to imprisonment, such as social work or services of general interest; (2) identification of measures that will help the reintegration of former prisoners.

Working Groups
3rd meeting of WG 3 Criminal and Prison Law

1st Meeting of Working Group 3 Criminal and Prison Law

2nd meeting of Working Group 3 Criminal and Prison Law

4th meeting of WG 3 Criminal and Prison Law

Training Sessions
EU 2009. Union for the Mediterranean Second ministerial conference on strengthen the role of woman in society
| 13/07/2010 | Download
EU 2009. Your guide to the Lisbon treaty
| 13/07/2010 | Download
Eurojust 2009. Annual Report 2008
| 13/07/2010 | Download
Eurojust 2009. Decision 426 of 16 December 2008
| 13/07/2010 | Download
UN 1983. Convention on the right of the child
| 13/07/2010 | Download
UN 2005. Guidelines on Justice Matters involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime
| 13/07/2010 | Download
UN 2007. Childrens right in juvenile justice
| 13/07/2010 | Download
UN 2008. UNICEF The 15 Juvenile Justice Indicators.
| 16/07/2010 | Download

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