Title: Launch meeting for the study on Access to Justice in the Mediterranean Partner countries, Brussels, 27 September 2010
Start Date:27/09/2010
End Date:27/09/2010
The recommendations approved during the meetings of the Project’s component “Access to Justice and Legal Aid” have shown that it is necessary to devise new evaluation mechanisms and to collect statistical information in order to get a real and current picture of the situation regarding access to justice and legal aid in the Meda area. This picture will then make it possible to identify the main shortcomings and map out the problems encountered in these fields. Any such undertaking should take account of the work carried out at European level by institutions such as the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). Reports drawn up by this commission have demonstrated that when quantitative figures and information are available from the various countries in question, one can get a comparative perspective that provides very useful information on the main issues under review. This, in turn, makes it possible to understand and identify the main features of the sector addressed by this study and the main difficulties all countries are facing. The aim of this study is thus a data collection process which should result in an inventory of the situation in the field of access to justice and legal aid, based on the received information. At a later stage, such information will enable us to identify the major problems faced by all countries considered in the study.   

The meeting will offer an opportunity to present the methodology that should be applied to carry out the study as well as a draft questionnaire; these will then be discussed together with the National Focal Points and two experts per Mediterranean partner country.

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Agenda of the Launch Meeting for the Study on Access to Justice in the Mediterranean partner countries, Brussels, 27 September 2010
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