Title: Agenda of TS 1.5 'Quality of Justice' (Luxembourg, 15-17 June 2010)
Activity:Training Sessions
Start Date:15/06/2010
End Date:17/06/2010

This seminar takes place under the first main component of the project “Access to Justice and Legal Aid”. Most experts consider that training is the core issue in any process of change affecting well functioning institutions and good governance. A complete training, balanced and plural, is a prerequisite if the Judiciary wants to be respected and worthy of respect. For this reason, this second phase of the EUROMED JUSTICE II project will play a relevant role through the training activities in order to contribute to the strengthening of the Euro-Mediterranean justice area. The title of this seminar “Quality of justice” was agreed during the Working Group meetings held on this component. In particular, this session is focused on the relevant role that information has in order to guarantee an effective access to justice of citizens.  In this respect, the different subtopics will enable us to carry out an in-depth analysis of several relevant aspects which are directly linked with the essential role that nowadays acquires the information to close justice to citizens. We are going to share the international experts’ opinion and the participants’ approach on these topics from their own perspective, experience and respective competences. Through an in-depth and detailed discussion, we will know the current situation related to the topics under discussion, among others “In search of excellence: legal and technical international instruments. Special reference to the court administration”, “The importance of training: the use of new technologies”, “Quality of judicial decisions” and “Systems and instruments to evaluate the quality   of justice”, all of them being main subtopics to be discussed. Thanks to this seminar, we will get to know the different features prevailing in the region and we will learn from each other through the different experiences and views of the participants. 

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